Our Team

With a young and dynamic team that, in recent years, has been enriched with an important experience in the world of: O&G, Renewable energies, agribusiness and Logistics


Simone Santi

Founder and President

  • Senior Economist Experienced
  • President of Mozambique Italy Chamber of Commerce;
  • President of Eurocam Mozambique;
  • More than 24 years of experience in the Mozambican market;
  • Africa specialized expert in the private sector, specifically Mozambique;
  • Support SMEs in developing markets;
  • Training, support, mediation and facilitation projects in territorial marketing and foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Local Development projects management, particularly where it is expected the interaction between public administration and private sector;
  • Extensive experience with NGOs and funding agencies Specific experience in DFI-CPLP EC, World Bank, AfDB, European Bank, Cepagri, CCMI and Eurocam;

José Faneluane Neves Checo

General director

  • 22 years of experience in business administration and back office
  • Specialist in Human Resources Management
  • Over 20 years of experience in the SME sector 
  • Participated in the creation of more than 20 SMEs
  • Supported more than 200 children in Lazio Project
  • Project Coordinator of Colors Project 
  • Human Resources Specialist

Wilma Mondlane

Commercial manager

  • Experience in the private sector, including SMEs;
  • Supported more than 20 companies in their internationalization process in Mozambique
  • Collaboration with NGOs, research and market analysis for NGOs and private sector companies.
  • Experience in Local Content Design
  • Good network covering different sectors and various tools to mobilize resources 

Venceslau da Conceição


  • Experience in business internationalization process in Mozambique
  • Experience in Socio – Economic Analysis for African countries
  • Experience in Market Intelligence
  • Consulting and customer support in the areas of mining, energy, renewable energy and oil and gas
  • Business and Strategic Management Development Management

Cristina Zanardi

senior consultant

  • Worked for 14 years as a project manager of vocational training activities
  • Experience in internationalization services to Italian companies willing to develop their business abroad
  • Specialized on market research, trade analysis and business matching
  • Member of Board of Directors of a Community Foundation, called Fondazione di Comunità del Canavese. 

Mariagrazia Biancospino

senior consultant

  • Result driven and goal orientated individual with exceptional leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Professional with extensive international business management, marketing and sales experience.
  • Leads the identification of business partners for European Companies within Southern Africa across various sectors, including automotive, engineering, agriculture, renewable energies, infrastructure, tourism and Oil and Gas.
  • Experience in collaboration with the media to promote and develop bilateral economic relationship between Europe and Southern Africa
  • Strategically manages and represents the opening of commercial branches of European Companies in Southern Africa
  • Skilled at managing stakeholders including C-level executives, Government officials, public and private agencies.

Yara Mutisse

legal advisor

  • Experience in Drafting and contract analysis
  • Experience in preparing MoU
  • Collaborate in the creation of over 22 companies
  • Experience in Legal Advisory services
  • Experience in Legal assistance of international companies in Mozambique
  • Participated in the agreement between CCMI (Chamber of Commerce Mozambique – Italy) with CTA, ANJE and BCI

Marta Sarmento

accontant advisor

  • Experience in the elaboration of financial reports for Nacional and international companies
  • Provides accounting services in various sectors, specially in Oil and Gas, Energy and consulting
  • Knowledge of tax law in Mozambique
  • Experience in audit services

Leonardo Group is a Mozambican center of companies that operate and invest in Mozambique in different sectors.


  • +258843897719
  • info@leonardobc.com
  • Maputo, Moçambique Av. Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, nº1371